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Community Living Market Showcases Diverse Talents

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Anam Khan

Guelph Today

On Family Day, Community Living Guelph Wellington is hosting a market to bring 25 local makers, crafters, artists and small businesses together to celebrate each other's talent while supporting local.

Neighbours Supporting Neighbours

The event, Support Local Market is about local vendors coming together says Annie Knight, marketing and development lead at CLGW. Knight says the market is a fantastic opportunity for some adults with developmental disabilities to showcase their own social enterprises.“It's kind of like a cool mesh of neighbours supporting neighbours,” says Knight about the market.

The Support Local Market is that where neighbours, friends and talented folks from our community come together to support each other. Whether it’s a local small business, a social enterprise, or the people we support, we come together with a common goal of supporting local,” says Knight.

Everybody Having A Place

With large spaces like a commercial kitchen, a gymnasium, and different locations across Guelph and Wellington County that the CLGW uses, Knight says the event is a way to say ‘the folks that we support are your neighbours, they're people in the community that can contribute.’

Knight says one of the main focuses in the last couple of years has been to find a way to mesh the support the CLGW offers with the community and one of the ways they have been doing that is by allowing community members to access these events.“We try to find opportunities for people that we support to participate in every way,” says Knight.“It's not just folks with disabilities as vendors here, it's really truly is about community and everybody having a place at the table,” says Knight.


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