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Canada Disability Benefit in Parliament

Canadian Parliament

BC Disability

February 10, 2022

The Canada Disability Benefit e-petition is scheduled to be presented on Thursday, February 10th by MP Mike Morrice of Kitchener Centre.

“The government is expected to re-table the bill, and it can’t be soon enough for

people with disabilities living in poverty,” states the petitioner, Michelle Hewitt, from

BC, who is also the Co-chair of Disability Without Poverty.

“We now call on the government to fast-track its implementation, co-creating its design with an independent panel of disabled people. We are grateful to MP Mike Morrice for

supporting this petition,” she continues.

The petition promoted by Disability Without Poverty received 17,874 signatures from

across the country and garnered a ringing endorsement by 43 Senators recently.

MP Mike Morrice will be presenting the petition to fast-track the Canada Disability Benefit

“I truly hope that we can come together as a society, united in working together to

improve conditions for people with disabilities,” states Luca Patuelli from Quebec, Co-


“We have to do better for the future of people with disabilities now. The inequities were

further exacerbated for racialized people with disabilities and newcomers with

disabilities,” says Ali Mohamed of Toronto, a member of the DWP Leadership Group.

We have to do better for the future of people with disabilities now

“Good federal disability policy that is driven by public interest could make all the

difference between a life lived in perpetual poverty or a life with opportunities."

"Let’s make a guaranteed livable income for people with disabilities a reality, rather than just

a bold proposal,” says Alberta based Andrea van Vugt, a member of Disability Without

Poverty’s leadership team.

“We are prepared to work with governments, with everyone involved-regardless of their

politics, regardless of the party-to bring forward this bill that truly benefits every

person with a disability living in poverty,” states Rabia Khedr, National Director of

Disability Without Poverty based in Ontario.


Spencer van Vloten is the editor of BC Disability. To get in touch, send an email to!


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