Politicians With Disabilities

A politician who uses a wheelchair speaking passionately

There is a long history of disabled persons in politics. Here are just some of them! If you know of any others, reach out to BC Disability's Spencer van Vloten and let him know!





  • Alby Schultz, Member of the House of Representatives (blind in one eye)

  • Batong Pham, Member of the WA Legislative Council (uses a wheelchair after experiencing a brain aneurysm)

  • Cecil Hincks, Member of the South Australian House of Assembly (lost a leg during World War I)

  • David Hunter, Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly (went blind as a child after contracting meningitis)

  • Denise Allen, Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly (muscular atrophy)

  • Frank Guthrie, Member of the WA Legislative Assembly (lost a leg during World War I)

  • Frank Marriott, Member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly (blind)

  • George Maxwell, Member of the House of Representatives (blind)

  • Graham Edwards, Member of the House of Representatives (lost both legs during the Vietnam War)

  • Gregor McGregor, Senator for South Australia (blind)

  • Henry Curran, Member of the WA Legislative Assembly (lost a leg in a traffic accident)

  • Hugh Mosman, Member of the Queensland Legislative Council (lost arm)

  • Iven Manning, Member of the WA Legislative Assembly (lost an arm during World War II)

  • John Hyde, Member of the House of Representatives (lost an arm in a farming accident)

  • Jordon Steele-John, Senator for Western Australia (cerebral palsy; wheelchair user)

  • Kelly Vincent, Member of the South Australian Legislative Council (cerebral palsy; wheelchair user)

  • Les Craig, Member of the WA Legislative Council (lost a leg during World War I)

  • Liesl Tesch, Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly (paraplegic)

  • Mathieson Jacoby, Member of the WA Legislative Assembly (blind in one eye)

  • Peter Lalor, Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly (lost an arm in the Eureka Rebellion)

  • Roberts Dunstan, Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly (lost a leg during World War II)

  • Rob Pyne, Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly (quadriplegic)

  • William Willmott, Member of the WA Legislative Assembly (lost a leg during World War I)


  • Norbert Hofer, Former President of the National Council (spinal cord injury; walks with cane)



  • Hun Sen, Prime Minister (blind in one eye due to a war wound)

  • Ta Mok, Khmer Rouge leader (amputated lower leg)


  • Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility (blind)

  • Conner Copeman, Village Councillor in Cumberland, BC (quadriplegic)

  • Dan Coulter, Member of the Legislative Assembly of BC (wheelchair user)

  • Diane FinleyMinister of Human Resources and Skills Development (visually impaired due to Graves' disease)

  • Ed Doherty, Member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick (mobility limitations)

  • Kent Hehr, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (quadriplegic)

  • Kevin Murphy, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia (first paraplegic Nova Scotia MLA)

  • Lucien Bouchard, Premier of Quebec (amputee due to necrotizing fasciitis)

  • Manon PerreaultMember of Parliament (paraplegic)

  • Marlene Jennings, Member of Parliament (partially blind)

  • Michelle Stilwell, Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (quadriplegic)

  • Pierre Sévigny, Former Member of Parliament (amputee)

  • Sam Sullivan, Former Mayor of Vancouver (quadriplegic)

  • Stephanie Cadieux, Member of the Legislative Assembly of BC (paraplegic)

  • Steven Fletcher, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba (quadriplegic)

Czech Republic

  • Jan Žižka, Czech general and Hussite leader, (blind)

Dominican Republic


  • Lenín Moreno, President and Former Vice President 2007–2013 (paraplegic)


  • Edgar Savisaar, Former Acting Prime Minister (leg amputated due to necrotizing fasciitis)


  • Iliesa Delana, Member of Parliament; Paralympic gold medalist (leg amputee due to childhood accident)


  • Kalle Konkkola, Former Member of Parliament (cerebral palsy; first Finnish MP with a disability)




  • Peter Caruana, Member of the Gibraltar Parliament (blind in one eye)


  • Marika Mitsotakis, Former First Lady of Greece and disability activist (limited mobility due to polio)

  • Panagiotis Kouroumblis, Former Greek Minister (blind; first blind member of Greek parliament)


  • Béla II, King of Hungary (blind)

  • Ferenc Hirt, Member of Parliament (wheelchair user since 1988 due to a car accident)

  • Katalin Szili, Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary (Erb's palsy)






  • Ilan Gilon, Member of the Knesset (paralyzed leg)

  • Karin Elharar, Member of the Knesset (wheelchair user)

  • Moshe DayanDefense Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Israel (lost his left eye in World War II)

  • Moshe Matalon, Member of the Knesset (paraplegic)



  • Eiko Kimura, Member of the House of Councillors from 2019 (paraplegia and cerebral palsy)

  • Eita Yashiro, Former Minister of Postal Services (wheelchair user due to spinal cord injury)

  • Masatoshi Takagi, Former Member of the House of Representatives  (blind)

  • Toshikazu Hori, Former Member of the House of Councillors (blind)

  • Yasuhiko Funago, Member of the House of Councillors (wheelchair user due to ALS)



  • Hee Yit Foong, Former Member of Perak State Assembly (walks with limp due to polio)

  • Karpal Singh, Member of Parliament (wheelchair user)


  • Alonso Lujambio, Former Secretary of Public Education (wheelchair user due to multiple melanoma)

  • Álvaro Obregón, Former President of the United Mexican States (lost his right arm in combat)

  • Antonio López de Santa Anna, Former President of the United Mexican States (lost his left leg in combat)

  • Gilberto Rincón Gallardo, Former President of the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (congenital physical disability)

  • Miguel Barbosa, Senate President (lost his right foot due to diabetes)


  • Bram Stemerdink, Former Minister of Defence (lost an eye in a military exercise)

  • Gijs van Aardenne, Former Deputy Prime Minister (ALS)

  • Jetta Klijnsma, Former Member of the House of Representatives and Mayor, (uses walker due to leg spacticity)

New Zealand

  • Adam Adamson, Mayor of Invercargill (born without right hand)

  • Clutha MacKenzie, Member of Parliament 1921–1922 (blinded during the First World War)

  • John A. Lee, Member of Parliament 1922–1943 (arm amputee)

  • Leon Götz, Member of Parliament 1949–1963 (lost right arm and eye during the First World War)

  • Margaret Wilson, Member of Parliament 1999–2008 (leg amputee)

  • Mojo Mathers, Member of Parliament 2011–2017 (deaf)

  • Norman Jones, Member of Parliament 1975–1987 (leg amputee)



  • Guro Fjellanger, Former Environment Minister (wheelchair user due to spina bifida)

  • Tove Linnea Brandvik, Former Member of Parliament (wheelchair user due to neuromuscular disease)



  • Said Amirov, Former Mayor of Makhachkala (paralyzed)

  • Vasily II, Grand Prince of Moscow (blinded by captors in 1446); regained power and reigned until 1462

San Marino

Solomon Islands



South Africa

South Korea

  • Young Woo Kang, Former Vice Chairperson of the World Committee on Disability (blind)


  • Pablo Echenique, Member of the Congress of Deputies (wheelchair user due to spinal muscular atrophy)

Sri Lanka


  • Parinya Chuaigate Keereerut, Member of Parliament and Paralympic athlete (first disabled Thai MP)

  • Rama IX, King of Thailand (blind in one eye for most of his reign following a road accident)



United Kingdom

United States

  • Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas (paraplegic)

  • Max Cleland, Former US Senator (triple amputee, both legs and one arm, due Vietnam War injury)

  • Tony Coelho, Former Congressman from California (epilepsy)

  • Kristen Cox, Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Maryland (blind from Stargardt disease)

  • Dan Crenshaw, US Representative from Texas (lost eye due to an IED attack in Afghanistan)

  • Bob Dole, Former US Senator (withered arm due to World War II injury)

  • Tammy Duckworth, US Senator (lost both of her legs due to a rocket propelled grenade attack in the Iraq War)

  • John Porter East, Former US Senator (paraplegic due to polio)

  • Oramel B. Fuller, Former Michigan Legislator (paraplegic due to accidental fall)

  • Thomas Gore, Former US Senator (blind from childhood accident)

  • Cyrus Habib, Lieutenant Governor of Washington (blind due to childhood cancer)

  • Daniel Inouye, Former US Senator (lost his right arm due to grenade shrapnel in World War II)

  • Harry Kelly, Former Governor of Michigan (lost his right leg in World War I)

  • Bob Kerrey, Former Governor of Nebraska; former US Senator (leg amputee)

  • James Langevin, US Representative from Rhode Island (quadriplegic)

  • Robert Mahoney, Former Member of the Michigan House of Representatives (blind)

  • Brian Mast, US Representative from Florida (lost both his legs and a finger in Afghanistan)

  • John McCain, Former US Senator (limited use of arms due Vietnam War injury)

  • Allen B. Morse, Former Michigan State Senator (amputee, lost left arm in American Civil War)

  • David Paterson, Former Governor of New York (blind)

  • Charles E. Potter, Former US Senator (amputee, lost legs in World War II)

  • Doug Spade, Former Member of the Michigan House of Representatives (blind)

  • John Swainson, Former Governor of Michigan (lost both legs in World War II)

  • Jon Tester, US Senator (lost three fingers in a meat grinding accident)

  • F. B. Teter, Member of the Washington House of Representatives (blind)

  • Mo Udall, Former US Representative from Arizona (lost his right eye in a childhood accident)

  • George Wallace, Former Governor of Alabama (paraplegic due to a bullet wound)

  • Jumaane Williams, New York City Council Member (Tourettes syndrome)

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, Former President (used wheelchair intermittently)

  • Woodrow Wilson, Former President (partially paralyzed due to a stroke)


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