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Plain English For Accessible Information

Make information more accessible by using Plain English alternatives to tricky words and phrases!

Plain English Alternatives

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abundance: many; several; enough; plenty; a lot

above and beyond: above; beyond

accelerate: speed up

accentuate: stress

accommodation: home; where you live

accompanying: with

accomplish: do; finish

accordingly: in line with this; so

acknowledge: recognize; thank you for

acquire: buy; get

additional: extra; more

adjacent: next to

adjustment: change

admissible: acceptable; allowed

advantageous: useful; helpful

ahead of: before; prior

ahead of schedule: early; too soon

albeit: though; although; but

aligned: lined up; in line

alleviate: ease; lessen; reduce

allocate: divide; give; share

along the lines of: as in; like

alternatively: on the other hand; or

ameliorate: help; improve

amendment: change

an array of: many; numerous; several; various

anticipate: expect

apparent: clear; obvious; plain

apprise: inform; tell

appropriate: proper; right; suitable

approximately: about; roughly

a range of: many; numerous; several; various

as a result of: because of; due to

ascertain: find out

assemble: build; gather; put together

assistance: help

at an early date: soon

at the moment: now; currently; presently

at the present time: now; currently; presently

attempt: try

attend: come to; go to; be at

attributable to: due to; because of

authorize: allow; let

a variety of: many; several; numerous; various


based in: from; located in; in

bear in mind: consider; note; realize

belated: delayed, late

beneficial: helpful; useful

bestow: award; give

beverage: drink

by and large: largely; mainly; mostly

by means of: by, by way of


calculate: decide; figure out; work out

capability: ability, skills, strengths

cease: end; finish; stop

clarification: explanation; help

combine: mix

come to an end: cease; end; finish; halt; stop

come to a halt: cease; end; finish; halt; stop

commence: begin; start

competent: able

compile: collect

complete: fill in; finish

completion: end

complimentary: free

comply with: follow

component: part

conceal: hide

concerning: about

conclusion: end

concur: agree

condition: rule

consequently: as a result; so

considerable: great; important

constitutes: forms; makes up

construe: interpret

consult: ask; meet; talk to

consume: drink; eat; use

contemplate: imagine; think about

contrary to: against; despite

contribute to: add to; help; support

converse: speak; talk to

correct: put right

correspond: communicate with; talk with; write

courteous: polite; respectful

currently: now

customary: normal; usual


deduct: remove; take away; take off

defer: delay; put off

deficiency: lack of; not enough

demonstrate: show

depict: show

desire: want; wish

despite the fact that: although; despite; though

determine: decide; figure out; work out

detrimental: damaging; harmful; hurtful

devoid of: free of; lacks

difficulties: problems; troubles

diminish: lessen; reduce

disclose: tell

discontinue: end; stop

discuss: talk about

disseminate: pass around; spread

documentation: papers

dominant: main

due to the fact that: because; due to

duration: time

during which time: during which; while


each and every: all; each; every

eligible: allowed; qualified

emphasize: stress

enable: allow

enclosed: inside; with

encounter: meet

endeavor: attempt; try

enquire: ask

enquiry: question

ensure: make sure

entitlement: right

envision: imagine; see

equitable: fair

equivalent: equal; the same

erroneous: incorrect; not correct; wrong

evaluate: check; test

excessive: too many; too much

exclude: leave out

exclusively: only for

exempt from: free from

expedite: hurry; speed up

experience: feel, see, sense

expire: end; finish; run out


fabricate: make; make up

facilitate: ease; help; make possible; support;

facility: building; location; place

factor: reason

following: after

for the duration of: during; while

formulate: form; make; plan

frequently: often

furnish: give

furthermore: also; and


generate: create; give; make; produce

get in touch with: contact

give rise to: cause

grant: give


henceforth: from now on; starting now

herein: as a result of this; because of this


identical: the same

illustrate: explain; show

immediately: at once; now

implement: carry out; do

imply: hint at; suggest

in accordance with: because of; in line with

in addition to: and; also; as well as

in advance: before; early

incarcerate: jail

in case of: if

in conjunction with: along with; together with; with

in connection with: related to

in excess of: above; beyond; more than

in lieu of: in place of; instead of

in order to: to; so that

in receipt of: get; have; receive

in relation to: about

in the course of: during; while

in the event of/that: if

in the majority of: most; mostly; normally; usually

in the near future: soon

inappropriate: wrong

inception: beginning; start

incorporate: include

indicate: show

inform: tell

initially: at first; at the start

initiate: begin; start

insert: put in

instances: cases; examples

intend to: plan to

intimate: hint; say; suggest

innumerable: a lot; lots; many

irrespective of: despite; even if

issue: give


jeopardize: risk; threaten


keep in mind: remember


lackadaisical: lazy

(a) large number of: many; most

locality: area; place


magnitude: amount; size

make your acquaintance: meet you

mandatory: needed; required

manufacture: make

marginal: little; slight; small

materialize: happen; occur

merchandise: goods; items

modification: change

moreover: additionally; also; and; as well; further


necessary: needed

necessity: need

negligible: small; tiny; very small

nevertheless: but; even so; however

notify: tell

notwithstanding: despite; even if; still; yet

numerous: a lot; lots; many



objective: aim; goal

observe: look; see; watch

obtain: get; receive

occasionally: at times; sometimes

on behalf of: for

on numerous occasions: often

otherwise: instead; or

owing to: because of


par for the course: normal; usual

partially: partly

particulars: details; facts

permissible: allowed

permit: allow; let

personnel: people; staff

possess: have; own

possessions: belongings

predominant: main

premises: area; building; location

preserve: keep; protect

proceed: go; go ahead; move; walk

procure: get; obtain

prohibit: ban; stop

prolonged: long

promptly: quickly; right away

proportion: part

provisions: rules; terms

proximity: closeness; nearness

purchase: buy


rationale: reason

recede: move back; shrink

reconsider: rethink; look again at; think about again

reduce: make smaller

refer to: call

regarding: about

regulation: rule

reimburse: pay back; repay

reiterate: repeat; say again

remainder: the rest; what is left

remuneration: pay; salary; wages

report: tell

request: ask

require: need

reside: be located in; live

residence: home; where you live

restriction: limit

retain: keep

review: read again

revised: changed; new


scrutinize: examine; read carefully; study

significant: big; large; important

sole: only

state: say; tell

statutory: by the law; legal

submit: give; send

subsequently: after; later

substantial: a lot of; great; lots

sufficient: enough

supplement: add to

supplementary: extra; more

supply: give


take note of: listen to; note; notice; see;

terminate: end; finish:stop;

thereafter: after; afterwards; then

thereby: as a result; because of

thus: as a result; so

to an extent: partly

transfer: move


unaccustomed to: not used to; unused to

ultimately: finally; in the end

unavailability: lack of

uniform: same; similar

unoccupied: empty

unsubstantiated: not proven; unproven

utilize: use


variation: change

verbalize: say; speak; talk

virtually: almost; nearly

visualize: imagine; see


ways and means: ways

whereas: but

wherewithal: means

with a view to: so that; to

with reference to: about

with regard to: about

with respect to: about


year in and year out: always; annually; every year; forever; yearly


zero in on: focus on

zone: area; region

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