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Autism Funding Steps

Your child needs an assessment and diagnosis before you apply for funding

Contact a local children and youth with special needs (CYSN) office to meet with a CYSN worker. The CYSN worker will review your documents to make sure they are complete and to discuss eligibility for funding and family support services.

Bring the following documents when you meet your local CYSN worker

  • Autism Funding Application

  • Documentation of Autism Diagnosis

  • Proof that the child is under age 18 (birth certificate)

  • Current BC Services Card/Driver's Licence (as proof of residency)

After reviewing your documents, the CYSN worker will help you submit your application for autism funding. Speed things up by sending copies of your required documents to the CYSN office before your meeting.

After meeting with the CYSN worker and submitting an application for autism funding, parents or guardians will receive 2 copies of an Autism Funding Agreement in the mail. Both copies must be signed and returned to the Autism Funding Program within 2 weeks.

Parents or guardians will then receive a letter that outlines how much funding they are qualified for and the funding period dates. They can start using their funding for:

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