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What Can You Purchase With Autism Funding?

What can you purchase with your autism funding? See below!

Also download our funding guide, a navigable and extensive collection of even more funding opportunities and tips: BC Disability Funding Guide (PDF)

Services, support, or therapy


Behaviour consultant 

The behaviour consultant is the person who designs and manages the intervention program. Behaviour consultants should have education and experience in applied behaviour analysis, and can:

  • Assess child development and behaviour by interviewing parents and observing activities at home

  • Design and implement interventions for challenging behaviour or develop verbal, social, or daily living skills

  • Coach parents and others on the best ways to provide support

Speech-language pathologist

Speech-language pathologists work with children to improve all aspects of communication. This includes comprehension, expression, sound production, and social use of language. Speech therapy may include sign language and the use of picture symbols, as well as oral motor skill development.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists help children participate in everyday activities such as play, dressing, grooming, feeding, sleeping, toileting, school readiness, printing, keyboarding, and social skills. The therapist helps introduce, maintain, and improve skills so that people with autism can be as independent as possible.

Physical therapist

Problems with movement are common in autism spectrum disorder. Physical therapists help children understand how and why movement and function take place so that they can improve and maintain mobility, functional independence, physical performance, and overall health and wellness.

Behaviour interventionist

Behaviour interventionists implement strategies outlined in a behaviour plan of intervention designed by a supervising professional – they do not design or adjust intervention plans.

Behaviour interventionists can work with your child in various settings to help them build life skills. For example, they can ride the bus together, go to the park, take swimming lessons, etc.

School therapists or pediatricians

If you do not have any of the above professionals, your child's school therapist or pediatrician can also work with them on many of these issues

Other eligible services

  • Family counselling

  • Dietary counselling

  • Out-of-school learning support

  • Specialized therapeutic activities and camps

  • Administrative costs related to managing service providers


Equipment and supplies

The following items may be eligible for funding:

  • Computers

  • Touch screen tablets

  • Smartphones

  • Books

  • Arts and crafts

  • Puzzles

  • Flashcards

  • Office supplies

  • Weighted blankets

  • Compression clothing

  • Sensory sacks



Up to 20 percent of your funds can be allocated to autism-related training. Approved training expenses could include:

  • Autism-specific courses

  • Workshops

  • Conferences

  • Books

  • DVDs

  • Videos

  • You and a service provider (such as a behaviour interventionist) to attend training

  • Travel expenses to take training



Funding can be provided to help families access autism services or training. Travel expenses may include:

  • Expenses for round trips in B.C. that are 80 kilometres or more

  • Air, bus or train fare, or $0.40 per kilometre to drive a vehicle

  • Hotel expenses up to $150 per night for 1 room

  • Parking up to $15 per day

  • Ferry and toll fees

  • Travelling to a service provider

  • A service provider travelling to your community

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