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MPs release open letter on Canada Disability Benefit

73 MPs have signed an open letter calling for the fast-tracking of the Canada Disability Benefit

BC Disability

April 12, 2022

73 Members of Parliament signed a joint open letter urging the government to immediately re-introduce the Canada Disability Benefit Act.

The letter reads as follows:

Re: Canada Disability Benefit

Dear Prime Minister, Government House Leader, and Ministers:

We write in support of the immediate re-introduction of the Canada Disability Benefit Act in order to reduce poverty and support the financial security of persons with disabilities.

We also call on the government to ensure that people with disabilities are meaningfully involved in the creation and implementation of the Canada Disability Benefit, and to work with provincial and territorial governments to ensure that the benefit complements provincial and territorial programs.

One in five people in Canada has a disability and over one million Canadians with disabilities live in poverty. People with disabilities in Canada have a higher rate of unemployment and people with severe disabilities earn less than $13,000 per year on average.

People with disabilities face many direct and indirect costs from having a disability, including medical expenses, specialized equipment, accessible housing, and reduced earnings. COVID-19 has only exacerbated these inequalities.

The Canada Disability Benefit is an important step in removing the barriers that people with disabilities face in Canada, and it must be part of a comprehensive government approach that includes creating good quality jobs and disability-inclusive spaces.

It is critical that we move forward more quickly to support people with disabilities and, as

parliamentarians representing different parties, we are ready to work alongside you to ensure that we build a truly inclusive Canada.


The following Members of Parliament:

Louise Chabot, députée, on behalf of all members of the Bloc Québécois caucus

Conservative Members of Parliament :

MP Scott Aitchison

MP Marilyn Gladu

Green Members of Parliament :

MP Elizabeth May

MP Mike Morrice

Liberal Members of Parliament :

MP John Aldag

MP Shafqat Ali

MP Gary Anandasangaree

MP René Arseneault

MP Sean Casey

MP Paul Chiang

MP Emmanuel Dubourg

MP Julie Dzerowicz

MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

MP Darren Fisher

MP Marc Garneau

MP Lisa Hepfner

MP Majid Jowhari

MP Adam van Koeverden

MP Annie Koutrakis

MP Marie-France Lalonde

MP Emmanuella Lambropoulos

MP Viviane Lapointe

MP Tim Louis

MP Bryan May

MP Ken McDonald

MP Ron McKinnon

MP Alexandra Mendes

MP Yasir Naqvi

MP Jennifer O’Connell

MP Marcus Powlowski

MP Brenda Shanahan

MP Leah Taylor Roy

MP Joanne Thompson

MP Ryan Turnbull

MP Tony Van Bynen

MP Rechie Valdez

MP Arif Virani

MP Patrick Weiler

MP Jean Yip

Independent Member of Parliament:

MP Kevin Vuong


Spencer van Vloten is the editor of BC Disability. To get in touch, send an email to!


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