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Disabled Ghanaians Empowered As Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Disabled Ghanaians Receiving Things to support them  in business
Disabled Ghanaians Receive Business Support

Ghana News Agency

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) Services on Wednesday, distributed disability friendly kiosks, mobile phones and a capital of GH¢4000.00 each to 100 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to each operate a MoMo portable banking business, earn a living and be financially independent.

The PWDs preferably addressed as "Persons with Special Abilities" included persons with Albinism, persons with movement challenges, and persons with hearing and speaking challenges.

Financial Independence

Mr Eli Hini, the General Manager of Mobile Money Services, MTN, said to alleviate the plight of a marginalised group in the country, MTN decided to support persons with special abilities as it acknowledged with concern the numerous challenges they encountered in their quest to access funds to develop themselves.

The step, he said, was part of MTN's efforts to economically empower PWDs as part of the activities to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of its MoMo services in Ghana."We hope that this project will make the beneficiaries self-reliant and reduce the tendency of depending on others for survival. It is our hope that they will be economically empowered to provide for their needs and that of their dependents," he said.

Ms Mawunyo Yakor, the President of the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations (GFD), in a statement read on her behalf, said unemployment rate among PWDs was high because employers believed they would be incompetent in executing their duties as a result of their conditions.Even those with high levels of education, she said, were not able to easily secure jobs, a condition she said was disheartening.

On her part, the support from MTN would make the beneficiaries financially independent.Ms Mawunyo entreated PWDs especially the beneficiaries to be work hard with vision and be focused to improve the start-up capital they received.She appealed to the public to purchase the products and services of PWDs while engaging in businesses and not discriminating against them.

Business Incentives

Mr Ignatius Baffour Awuah, the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, commended management of MTN and leadership of the GFD for making the life-changing support a reality.He said one-fifth of the population of Ghana had physical, intellectual or emotional disability, and are often were subjected to severe stigmatization, discrimination and maltreatment that led to lack of access to employment, education, healthcare and other social services.

Mr Awuah said discussions were on-going between Government, employers, the private sector and other key stakeholders on how to structure incentives and stimulus packages for businesses that employ PWDs, as part of the steps towards inclusiveness and diversification.


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