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Accessible Democracy Resources

Democracy is supposed to be about inclusion and access, and persons with disabilities have great contributions to make! Check the resources below to learn more about making democracy truly inclusive.

Accessible democracy resources

BC Disability: Inclusive Voting

Why the electoral participation of disabled persons matters, the barriers, and how to remove those barriers

Disabled Politicians

A list and set of pictures of disabled politicians from all corners of the world

Elections BC: Voters with Disabilities

Voting information for disabled persons in BC

Elections Canada: Information for People with Disabilities

Voting information for disabled persons across Canada

Elections Canada: Research on People with Disabilities

Facts about the participation of disabled persons in elections

Electoral Participation of Electors with Disabilities: Canadian Practices in a Comparative Context

An extensive research paper about the practices and accessibility of elections to disabled persons

Enabling the Voter Participation of Canadians with Disabilities

Recommendations to enable the participation of disabled Canadians in elections

Inclusion Europe: Elect

A European campaign to make voting more accessible to persons with intellectual disabilities

Inclusion Europe: Voting for All

A guide on making elections easier to understand and participate in

SABE GoVoter Project

Helps advocacy systems, election officials and people with disabilities to make voting accessible for all citizens

Searching for Persons with Disabilities in Canadian Provincial Office 

An overview of the participation of disabled persons in Canada as public office holders

Strategies to Support People with Intellectual Disability to Participate in Voting

A study on strategies to support intellectually disabled persons in voting

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