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More General Funding

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More funding resources!

Also: Download our funding guide, an easy to navigate and extensive collection of funding opportunities: 


General Funding

BC Community Foundations

Community foundations fund local projects, activities, and needs

BC Disability Funding Overview

An extensive collection of local, provincial, and national funding opportunities


BC Rehab Individual Grants

Provides funds to individuals with physical disabilities. A wide range of requests are considered, including assistive equipment, program and therapy fees, and more. 

Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

Provides disability benefits to people who have contributed to the CPP and who are disabled and cannot work regularly. Benefits are also available to dependent children.

Community Accessibility Grants

The BC government and Disability Alliance provide funding each year for projects that enhance community accessibility

Emergency Food Assets in Northern BC

An inventory of emergency food assets available throughout northern BC. Food hampers and boxes, food delivery services, take-out meals, as well as other supports.


Endowment 150

A $150 grant to help get your Registered Disability Savings Plan started


General Supplements and Funding Programs

Provides information about supplements that are available through the BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA) Program to assist with specified needs and circumstances, including for people with disabilities 

Individualized Funding Resource Centre

Helps disabled persons and their families manage the individualized funding process

Freemason Clubs

Freemasons fund many causes, including supporting persons with disabilities

Food Banks BC

Low-income persons may qualify to receive no cost food from a local food bank. Find one near you.

Kinsmen Clubs

Kinsmen serve their community’s greatest needs. Sponsorship from Kinsmen's clubs have, for example, enabled disabled kids to attend accessible summer camps.  

Leaving Disability Assistance 

An overview of medical services and supplements you may still be eligible for even after leaving disability assistance 

Lions Clubs

Lions Clubs are strong supporters of people with disabilities. For example, many young persons with disabilities have been able to attend Easter Seals Camps with the funding support of their local Lions Club.

Loyal Protestant Association 

Providing support to community members of all abilities for over a century. You can reach them at 604-521-2244.

Old Age Security Pension

A monthly payment you can get if you are 65 and older. You may also be eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement.


Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers Assistance

Income assistance and supplements to recipients who have long-term barriers to employment that are not expected to be overcome in the short term


Rotary Clubs 

Rotary Clubs serve communities locally and abroad, and successful applications have been made to cover programs fees for young persons with disabilities. Inquire with a club in your area about funding opportunities.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides subsidies and various supports to persons in financial need. Get in touch with a location near you.

Tax Assistance and Information for People with Disabilities

Provides free tax-filing support to people receiving Persons with Disabilities benefits, and people receiving Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers to Employment benefits.


Tax Clinics

Find a free tax clinic nearby to help with your taxes


Helps people with disabilities, and their caregivers, get the maximum tax refund they are entitled to



Vela provides support in planning and managing the individualized funding process. There is no charge for Vela's services in BC.

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