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Our full directory is also available as a downloadable PDF. If we need to add something to the directory, let us know by sending an email to Spencer van Vloten

Also: Download our funding guide, an easy to navigate and extensive collection of funding opportunities: 



Accessible Employers BC

Accessible Employers invites all employers and business owners around the province to join the inclusive employment movement

Access Programs for People with Disabilities 

Teach the essential skills to become successful students, capable employees, and valuable members of the community. Students participate in classes and have the opportunity to explore a variety of work experiences.

Business Abilities

Provides online planning resources and one-on-one coaching assistance, from career exploration to new business mentorship. Services are available free of charge to people who self-identify as living with a disability.

Canada Workers Benefit

A refundable tax credit providing tax relief for eligible low-income individuals and families who are in the workforce. Includes a disability supplement for individuals who are approved for the Disability Tax Credit.


Canadian Association for Supported Employment

CASE is a national association of community service providers and stakeholders working towards the employment inclusion of people with disabilities

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Promotes and supports meaningful and equitable employment of people with disabilities, connecting disabled persons to jobs and employers to employees

Capilano University Education and Employment Access Certificate

This program helps students learn skills to succeed in their future education and/or vocational goals. Students will finish with a personal portfolio, educational and employment-related certifications, strategies for success in first year courses, and current work experience in a sector related to their interests.

CBI Consultants 

A group of professionals with diverse backgrounds committed to current, evidence based practices in inclusion, person centered planning, family-centered practice, collaborative teaming and positive behaviour support. CBI offers customized employment programs, autism services, behavioural therapy, and more.

Community Living Employment Programs

Community living organizations throughout BC - many with employment programs

Douglas College VEST Program

Vocational Education and Skills Training (VEST) programs available to people with disabilities or barriers to education and employment. Programs help students identify career paths, develop work skills, or move on to additional education or employment.

Employment Counselling in Sign Language

Employment counsellors fluent in American Sign Language and English provide individualized, client-centered planning to assist job seekers and employers in achieving their goals. Services in Vancouver and Port Coquitlam.


Employment For All

An online guide to best practices for supported employment

Employment Programs, Planning, and Exemption

Various employment info, including BC's ​Employment Strategy for Persons with Disabilities


Offers employment preparedness training and support, combined with job sampling and hands-on experience, to adults with autism and other disabilities

Entrepreneurs With Disabilities Program

Provides support to entrepreneurs with disabilities across BC, including loans to help start or grow a business


Helps adults with high-functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, and other diverse abilities let their special skills shine through in local workplaces

Gibsons Family Network

A group of family members with a vision of helping people with disabilities to find meaningful, integrated employment within the community. At the GFN Sunshine Shack, located in the Gibson's Community Center, employees are taught how to be food safe, how to handle money (cashier, bank deposits), how to socialize with the public,  how to cook and bake, and also how to safely exercise with some basic knowledge about health and nutrition. 

JET (Jobs, Employment, and Training)

An innovative project aimed to support young adults 19 years of age and older with disabilities. JET is for individuals who are no longer eligible for school, but still need to acquire skills in critical areas. For more information on JET please contact 604-207-1996,, or

Jobs West

Enables people with developmental disabilities to prepare for, find, and maintain community-based employment placements

Make A Change 

A national non-profit that provides employment and skills training to Canadians who face challenges finding or maintaining employment


Focuses on mentoring experiences in which job seekers with disabilities are matched with individual mentors to explore career opportunities and what they need to get ahead in their desired field of interest

Neil Squire Society

Uses technology to empower Canadians with disabilities in the workplace and foster economic and social inclusiveness. NSS programs help people with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment.

North Island College Employment Transition Program

Students with intellectual disabilities participate in supervised work experience, skills training, and post-graduation placements

Okanagan College Adult Special Education

Offers courses and programs that help students with intellectual disabilities gain academic, employment, and independent living skills in a respectful and supportive learning environment.  Five certificate programs are available.

Older Workers Program

Provides the skills training and employment supports needed for people who are 55 years of age or older to overcome barriers and achieve sustainable employment

Open Door Group

Supports persons with disabilities in acquiring skills and finding employment

Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities

Helps persons with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment or self-employment to increase their economic participation and independence

Pathways Abilities Society

Supports persons with disabilities in education and training, finding employment, and customized employment experiences

posAbilities Employment Service

Through behaviour consultation, community inclusion, employment, and home living, posAbilities empowers persons with developmental disabilities

Ready, Willing and Able

Active in 20 communities across the country, RWA is designed to increase the labour force participation of people with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder

Self-Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities 

Assists BC Employment Assistance clients who either have a Persons with Disabilities designation, or meet the Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers criteria, in establishing and operating a self-employment enterprise


Spectrum Works Consulting

A boutique consulting firm with highly trained teams of experts who support individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder with employment issues. They also provide training for employers. ​

STEPS Forward

A program for adults with developmental disabilities who want to attend their local college or university in BC. Participants get to study a wide variety subjects, participate in social activities, and are supported with summer employment and career development.


Designed to help youth with disabilities and mental health challenges find and retain meaningful, part-time paid employment while attending high school. TeenWork was developed with the aim of filling a gap in the employment field for youth with disabilities as they near the transition to adulthood.

Thompson River University Educational Skills and Training (ESTR) program

Provides knowledge about future employment opportunities and training in a specific area to students with intellectual disabilities. During the full-time, nine-month program students divide their time between classes, labs and work placements.

University of the Fraser Valley TASK Program

TASK stands for Training in Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge for the Workplace. TASK students participate in a series of employability workshops, such as Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), FoodSafe, First Aid, and WorldHost. They also learn basic computer skills and get support exploring career options, preparing resume, and rehearsing for interviews. In addition, they take part in three community-based work experiences to gain valuable on-the-job experience.

Vancouver Community College Courses for Disabled Students

Courses for special needs, visually impaired, and hard of hearing students, with several job readiness options and courses to become more comfortable using sign language and assistive technology

Vancouver Island University WEST Program

Targeted to students with developmental and cognitive disabilities. It is designed to assist students' development with personal, interpersonal, and employment skills required to obtain and maintain employment

Venture Enterprises

An entrepreneur program that supports innovative individuals with developmental disabilities.


Victoria Disability Resource Centre

VDRC's employment program focuses on increasing job search skills, as well as connecting participants to employment opportunities


WayFinder's personalized approach includes one on one discussions around holistic inclusion, guided by an individual’s needs. They help families and individuals set their Life Plan of Inclusion to live richer, fuller lives, weaving employment as one strand within the larger picture.

Wise Employment Solutions 

Serves employers and jobseekers to create and support diverse and inclusive workplaces 



A 12-month paid internship with the BC Public Service for recent post-secondary graduates (within the last three years) who self-identify as having a disability. Each year, this unique program provides education, coaching, and mentorship to a group of up to 15 interns.

WorkBC Self-Employment Program for People with Disabilities

Runs for up to 4 months and provides funding for tuition, living supports, dependent care, and transportation and disability supports. Learn more about the program through your local WorkBC Centre.

Workers' Advisers Office

Provides workers, their dependents and other stakeholders with free advice, assistance, representation, training and mentoring with respect to workers' compensation issues



A national employment network with a shared goal to change the odds of employment success for people with autism. This is a growing collaborative that is committed to sharing their perspectives, time and talents to improve the working lives of autistic individuals.

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