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Education Funding

A young man with cerebral palsy celebrates his graduation

Education can be expensive, but thankfully there are many funding opportunities to help you out!​

Also: Download our funding guide, an easy to navigate and extensive collection of even more funding opportunities: 



Adult basic education

Adult Basic Education has no tuition costs in BC. See below for additional info on funding opportunities for school supplies, textbooks, and more.

School based funding

Educational awards have been established and are available to help benefit persons with disabilities looking to pursue post-secondary education. Many of these awards are administered by the post-secondary schools and information on criteria and eligibility is available directly with them

You are strongly advised to search each program's website, as well as the school's general awards page, for funding opportunities.

Government and organization funding

Adult Upgrading Grant

This grant helps with costs related to fees, books, supplies, transportation, and unsubsidized childcare. It also supports the cost of tuition for Adult Special Education programs.

Assistance Program for Students with Permanent Disabilities

This program helps students with disabilities pay for education-related services and adaptive equipment. Up to $12,000 available depending on level of assistance needed.

Blind and Partially Sighted: Post-Secondary Scholarships

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind offers several post-secondary scholarships

BC Access Grant

The BC Access Grant provides up-front, non-repayable financial support for middle and low-income students at BC public post-secondary institutions. The BC Access Grant will start in September 2020.

BC Access Grant for Deaf Students

This grant helps deaf and hard of hearing students with the additional costs incurred while attending specialized post-secondary institutions where curriculum is delivered in American Sign Language

BC Access Grant for Students with Disabilities

This program helps full-time students with a disability with the cost of education by replacing approximately $1,500 in BC student loan funding

BC Supplemental Bursary for Students with Disabilities

$400-$800 bursaries are available for students with a disability 

BC Paraplegic Foundation Scholarships

The foundation awards annual scholarships and bursaries to students with spinal cord injury who meet the foundation’s funding criteria

British Columbia Training & Education Savings Grant

Families in BC are encouraged to start planning and saving early for their children’s post-secondary education or training programs. To help, the BC Government will contribute $1,200 to eligible children through the BC Training and Education Savings Grant.

Canada Education Savings Grant

The Canada Education Savings Grant is money that the Government adds to a Registered Education Savings Plan. This money helps to pay the costs of a child’s full- or part-time studies after high school.

Canada Learning Bond

The Canada Learning Bond is money that the government adds to a Registered Education Savings Plan for children from low-income families. This money helps to pay the costs of a child’s full- or part-time studies after high school.

Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students

This grant supports students from low- and middle-income families who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at a designated post-secondary institution. Students could receive up to $3,000 per eight-month school year. They can receive this grant for each year of your undergraduate studies as long as they still qualify.

Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Disabilities

This grant helps part-time or full-time students with disabilities pay for exceptional education related costs for services and equipment. Up to $20,000 per year.

Canada Student Grant for Students with Disabilities

This grant helps part-time or full-time students with disabilities with the cost of education. Up to $2000-$4000 offered per program year

Canadian Hearing Services Scholarship Program

Canadian Hearing Services proudly offers higher education scholarships to deaf and hard of hearing students

Cerebral Palsy Association: Tanabe Education Bursaries

A funding award open to BC students 17 years or older who have cerebral palsy and want to attend an institute of higher learning in the following year

Epilepsy Society Bursaries

Each year, the BC Epilepsy Society awards bursaries to people living with epilepsy in BC who are entering, or are in a post-secondary program

First Citizens Fund: Student Bursaries

Funding for Indigenous post-secondary students (status, non-status, Métis, Inuit) in financial need. Students with a disability affecting academic performance must be registered for at least 2 full-credit courses per term.

Future Bright

Future Bright is a free program that helps you access up to $3,200 in free money for your child’s education. This money is free for you to claim for your child and you do not need to contribute any money yourself.


Gert Vorsteher Bursary Award

Grants of $5,000 each to British Columbians with a physical disability who intend to pursue post-secondary education that will lead to employment and greater personal independence

Learning Disability Assessment Bursary

This bursary program helps part-time or full-time students with the up-front costs of the learning disabilities assessment. Up to $1800 is available for eligible students.

Registered Education Savings Plan

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a special savings account for parents who want to save for their child's education after high school

Repayment Assistance Plan for Borrowers with a Permanent Disability

If you have a permanent disability, you may be eligible for the Repayment Assistance Plan for Borrowers with a Permanent Disability (RAP-PD). This plan could reduce or replace your monthly student loan payments, depending on your financial situation. Your expenses related to your disability may help further reduce your payments.

Severe and Permanent Disability Benefit

If you have a severe permanent disability that prevents you from working in a gainful way for the rest of your life, you may be able to have your student loans cancelled through the Severe Permanent Disability Benefit

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of BC: Bursary Program

The bursary program was established to assist and encourage students with spina bifida or hydrocephalus to continue their post-secondary education in their chosen field of study

Spinal Cord Injury BC Scholarships

Offers several scholarship for persons with spinal cord injury pursing post-secondary education

Spinal Cord Injury Canada Scholarships

Offers several scholarship for persons with spinal cord injury pursing post-secondary education

Student Aid BC 

Scholarships are available to help students with disabilities fund their education. The Student Aid BC: Disability Program Guide contains detailed info about the process.

Funding databases

Disability Awards

Created by the National Educational Association of Disabled Students, this online search tool to find scholarships for students with disabilities

Scholarships Canada

Scholarships Canada provides a searchable database of scholarship opportunities

Student Aid BC

Student Aid BC administers funding and provides info on funding opportunities from other sources

BC Disability Funding Main Page

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