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Making Autism Funding Payments

You know what you want to spend your autism funds on, but how do you do make a payment?

Also download our funding guide, a navigable and extensive collection of even more funding opportunities and tips: BC Disability Funding Guide (PDF)


Paying for service providers

Step 1: The person who signed the Autism Funding Agreement must complete the Request to Pay Service Providers/Suppliers

  • The fastest way to submit the form is through the online My Family Services portal, though you can also send the form by mail to Autism Funding Unit, PO Box 9776 Stn Prov Gov, Victoria, BC V8W 9S5, or by fax to 250-356-8578

Step 2: Parents/guardians receive an authorization letter once their request to pay a service provider is approved

Step 3: Once approval is given, service providers can carry out the services

Step 4: After services are delivered, service providers invoice the Autism Funding Program using the billing number provided in the authorization letter

Step 5: The Autism Funding Program then pays service providers on behalf of parents

  • Only services that are qualified for funding and align with the child's behaviour intervention plan are approved

  • The form must be submitted every year, on or before the child's birthday. The day after their birthday the funding period for the next year will begin and funds will not be carried over.

  • To change the amount of money allocated to a service provider, you can transfer money using My Family Services, ask the Autism Funding team to make the change for you, or mail or fax in the Request to Amend Invoice Payment Authorization to Autism Funding Unit



Paying for equipment and supplies

Step 1: Before purchasing equipment, you must have a service provider sign a Justification for Equipment and Supplies form, outlining what equipment is being requested and why

Step 2: The completed form should be submitted to the Autism Funding Unit, online through My Family Services, or by mail or fax

Step 3: Once approved, you can purchase the items. Do not purchase until approval is given, and keep receipts

Step 4: Within 6 months of purchase, submit the Reimbursement of Autism Expenses form and attach a copy of the receipt, including

  • Date and location of purchase

  • The amount, with taxes included

  • Proof of purchase (for example, credit card or cash)

Step 5: Reimbursement will then be received if the item was approved for funding and the receipts contain all necessary details

Paying for training

Step 1: Find autism-specific training or educational item that you would like to purchase

Step 2: See if the training/item is approved for funding. Contact the Autism Funding team:

Step 3: Once approved, you can choose to:


  • Have the training provider invoice Autism Funding

Step 4: You or the service provider will then be reimbursed


Paying for travel

Step 1: Complete the Reimbursement of Autism Expenses form and include the following information:

  • The name of the traveller

  • Reason for travel

  • Type of expense (e.g. hotel, mileage)

  • Travel from/to location

  • Dates of travel

  • Cost

Step 2: Attach receipts and keep a copy of all documents for your records

Step 3: Submit to the Autism Funding Unit

direct py

Direct payment method

Make payments directly

Parents with children 12 years or older can also apply to receive funds directly and then make payments themselves. To qualify, the parent or guardian who signs the Direct Payment Agreement must have successfully managed their autism funding for at least 2 years.

Families that have more than one child with autism can also use the direct payment method for their other children if they are between the ages of 6 and 12.

If you would like to switch to the direct payment method, let the Autism Funding Branch know at least 60 days before the end of your current funding period.

Submit documents

At the end of each funding period, the parent must submit documents that show:

  • Who provided services

  • Proof of payment (invoices, receipts, Autism Branch approval letters, approved Justification for Equipment Forms, etc.)

  • An Accountant Confirmation Form completed and signed by a professional accountant (Certified General Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, or Chartered Professional Accountant)

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