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Accessible Buildings And Offices

An elderly couple using mobility aids happily headed to a cafe

Are you making your physical spaces accessible? Here is a list of questions to ask yourself! Read on, and download our accessible buildings checklist.



Are there accessible parking spaces at your location?     

Reconfigure a reasonable number of spaces by repainting stripes

Are accessible parking spaces clearly marked with the International Symbol of Access?

Purchase a sign and post it in a visible location; paint the symbol on the space

Is there a sign by accessible parking spots, in case the ground is covered in snow?

Purchase a sign and post in a visible location

Are 8-foot-wide spaces, with 98 inches of vertical clearance, available for lift-equipped vans?

Reconfigure parking spaces to provide van-accessibility 

Are the accessible parking spaces close to an accessible entrance?

Reconfigure spaces so that accessible parking is close to an accessible entrance

Is there a curb ramp from parking onto the sidewalk?

Reconfigure spaces so that accessible parking is close to an accessible entrance

Is there an accessible route to an accessible entrance?

Add curb ramps; reconstruct sidewalk


If there are stairs at the main entrance, is there also a ramp, lift, or an alternative accessible entrance?

Add a ramp or lift. If it is not possible to make the main entrance accessible, create another accessible entrance. If parking is provided, make sure there is accessible parking near all accessible entrances.

Can accessible entrances be used independently and during the same hours as the main entrance?

Ensure that accessible entrance can be used independently and during the same hours as the main entrance

Can doors be opened without too much force (5 lbs maximum for interior doors)?

Install power-assisted or automatic door openers; adjust closer hinges; install lighter doors

On the pull side, is there enough wall space so wheelchair users can get near to open the door?

Reverse the door swing if it is safe to do so; move or remove obstructing partitions

Are carpets or mats at entrances no higher than 1⁄2 inch thick?     

Replace or remove them so they do not impede mobility aids


Are edges of carpets or mats securely attached to minimize tripping hazards? 

Secure the carpeting or mats at edges


Is the reception desk in clear view for someone in a wheelchair or scooter?

Adjust chair height, bring in different chairs, rearrange ​​or bring in new desk

Do doors and door frames have good colour contrast with surrounding wall surfaces and floors?

Adjust chair height, bring in different chairs, rearrange ​​or bring in new desk

Are there handrails along the stairs? 

Add handrails


Are doors equipped with handles that are operable with a closed fist, 48 inches high or less?

Lower handles; replace knobs or latches with lever or loop handles; install power-assisted or automatic door openers

Can doors be opened easily with no more than 5 pound force?

Adjust or replace closers; Install lighter doors; Install power-assisted or automatic doors


Is imagery used to identify rest rooms, and is there raised characters and braille below?

Install alternative signage  

Are washroom doors equipped with an automatic or push-button opener?

Install an automatic door opener and/or push-button opener 

Does the entry provide adequate maneuvering space for a person using a wheelchair or scooter? 

Redesign to space to ensure sufficient room

Are washrooms large enough to accommodate a support attendant and a mobility aid?

Redesign to space to ensure enough room

Is the toilet seat 17 to 19 inches high? 

Redesign to space to ensure enough room

Is there a grab bar beside the toilet so persons with mobility limitations can stable themselves? 

Install a grab bar

Can someone with a mobility aid reach faucets, dryers, or dispensers and use them with 1 hand?

Reposition the faucets or sink; lower dispensers and dryers; provide more dispensers and dryers


Is there an exterior sign identifying the name of the location?

Place a sign outside the building

Is the accessible entrance location clearly indicated and marked by the Symbol of Access?

Place signage that is clearly visible by accessible entrances

Is there is a system to communicate information on signs to people with visual impairments?

Add Braille and raised tactile signage

Additional access

Is the office environment friendly and welcoming to people with disabilities?

Encourage a warm atmosphere among office staff; provide staff training; display cheerful images

Is the building's tenant mix compatible with the atmosphere you are trying to encourage?

Account for tenant mix when choosing location; discuss accessibility concerns with other tenants

Is the building's staff aware of accessibility issues?

Brief building staff on accessibility issues and appropriate responses


Are lighting and music soft enough for people with sensory sensitivities?

Install adjustable or low lighting; keep music low volume; have a quiet room available

Download Accessible Buildings Checklist (PFD)​

Download Accessible Buildings Checklist (Word)

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