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Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources

Accessible Canada Act

The Accessible Canada Act, also known as bill C-81, provides for the development of accessibility standards and gives the Government of Canada the authority to work with stakeholders and persons with disabilities to create new accessibility regulations that will apply to sectors within the federal jurisdiction. One of the purposes of the bill is to prevent accessibility barriers in information and communication technologies, including digital content and the technologies used to access it.

Accessibility Dictionary

Learn important accessibility terms

Accessible Files Cheatsheets

These 1 page sheets have been developed to help people create accessible content using Microsoft Office, Adobe, and other programs

Accessibility Guidelines for Sensory Loss

This guide shares accessibility guidelines and provide helpful tips that focus on establishing inclusive environments for individuals with varying sensory loss. The accessible design approaches provided emphasize the inclusion of efficient design, space maneuverability, the importance of illumination, and the use of colour, texture and specialized products.

ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities

This checklist gives numerous tips for creating accessible buildings and physical spaces. Although based on the Americans With Disabilities Act, the guide's advice is helpful across locations.

BC Building Accessibility

Learn about accessibility requirements for BC buildings, and view the BC Building Access Handbook

BC Disability Accessibility Guides

Guides to increasing accessibility in everything from physical spaces and events, to elections, social media, presentations, and more

Canadian Transportation Accessibility

This guide provides ideas about how to plan and conduct your journey. It describes accessible services and features for people with disabilities who use airplanes, trains, passenger ferries and buses that cross a provincial or Canadian border.

Centre for Accessible Post-Secondary Education Resources BC

Provides accessible learning and teaching materials to students and instructors who cannot use conventional print because of disabilities

Communication Disabilities Access Canada

Promotes social justice, accessibility and inclusion for people who have speech, language and communication disabilities

Document Accessibility Checker

Try using Microsoft Word's Document Accessibility Checker to check for accessibility issues that might limit how many people you can reach. ​This tool scans for elements that are missing descriptive text, elements that have no assigned order for adaptive technologies, slides that have no assigned titles, and other issues.

Easy Access to Historic Buildings 

These guidelines focus on physical access issues, which often pose the greatest challenges for historic buildings

Easy Access to Historic Landscapes

The aim of this guide is to help property owners and managers provide easier access for all their visitors, whatever their age or level of ability. It will also be of value to designers, planners, and others working to open up historic sites to a wider audience.

Ensuring Your Workplace, Service, or Event is Accessible to Deaf Individuals

A guide to accessibility for deaf individuals


Handbrake is a free online tool for captioning videos

International Best Practices in Universal Design

This study examines various national accessibility codes and standards for both buildings and landscapes in order to determine best practices based upon universal design principles. It includes examples of best practices, product information, cost and availability.

Plain English

A list of resources to help make your writing accessible to a wider audience

Post-Secondary Communication Access Services

A province-wide service to support access for students who are deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative develops standards and support materials to help you understand and implement accessibility

Wheelchair Traveling

Travel for disabled travelers and their companions, as well as info on accessible travel spots around the world

Writing Alt Text and Image Descriptions for Visually Impaired Persons

Learn how to write alternative text and image descriptions for people with visual impairments

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