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Event Preview: Nationwide Rally for Disabled Canadians

By Spencer van Vloten

BC Disability

July 24th, 2021

Persons with disabilities are living in poverty throughout BC and the rest of Canada, and Jeff Leggat wants that to end. Spencer van Vloten talked with Jeff about the nationwide rally he's organized to put an end to disability poverty.

What: Nationwide rally to end disability poverty

When: Saturday, July 31st, 1-3 PM

Where: BC Legislature Grounds; 501 Belleville St., Victoria. If outside BC, find the address for your provincial legislature

Extra Details: Lemonade supplied! Brings signs, chair, and sunscreen.

Spencer: Tell us about the rally - what is planned and how did it come about?

Jeff: This upcoming rally is to bring awareness to the general public that poverty is a dire issue for the disabled community of Canada.

Most Canadians think that disabled people are well taken care of in this country! They have little to no idea that disability means poverty in every single province as support rates are well below the poverty level!

"Disability means poverty in every single province"

This is not a rally to get the attention of politicians, as most are on holiday. It is to raise awareness within the general public.

Spencer: Why do you think it's important for people from different provinces to stand together?

Jeff: We, as disabled Canadians, from coast to coast must stand together for our voices to have power and our efforts to succeed.

The fact that every single province has its own "disability support" structure is a way to limit our combined effectiveness - divide to conquer and oppress.

"The fact every single province has its own disability support structure is a way to limit our combined effectiveness"

One voice from coast to coast to demand financial support no less than poverty level in every single province is the only way we will succeed!

Spencer: What are your specific demands?

Jeff: No less than poverty level financial support ($1830 a month per LICO2020) across Canada and tied to the ever adjusting poverty level - the amount will automatically increase with the cost of living and other factors by the low income cut-offs.

Our demands also include:

  • The ability of PWD to earn up to an additional $1000 a month with no clawbacks, so that we are able to affect our own prosperity

  • Removal of "partner" financial restrictions

  • Removal of negative and oppressive monthly "reporting" questions like criminal acts, gifts, etc.

Spencer: Anything you'd like to add or emphasize?

Jeff: To again state loud and clear that we are demanding the Government of Canada enact legislation that ensures medically assessed and designated Persons with Disabilities are guaranteed no less than poverty level financial support, proper medical coverage, proper community support and a nationwide structure that is positive, empowering and investing in its community!


Spencer van Vloten is the editor of BC Disability. To get in touch, send an email to!


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