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Funding and Fundraising Options



 It is just as important to ask people to spread the word as it is to ask them to donate to your cause. , but . On the other hand, if you can get them to tell their networks about it, you have potentially , all of whom have unique networks of their own. 

1. Start with a list

When you start out your fundraising efforts, it is helpful to write down . Who do you have in your network? Which friends and family, colleagues, neighbors or community organization? , Not only does this provide ,  by doing so you will trigger  start writing more names are likely to come to mind.

2. Target and get to know your audience 

As you are planning your Which funding programs are geared towards issues like yours? Which people do you know who are passionate about the same issue. 

What is the best method to communicate with them? What language will do the best job of hooking them? It's always best if you have these questions answered 

3. Set a specific goal

Fundraising campaigns that set specific targets raise significantly more money than those which don't. You may have a general idea in mind--such as --but be sure to . If it's , such as a program fee, include the fee. If, , like a , include your goal, and don't be afraid to aim high! It's a great way to motivate and inspire.

Being specific helps draw people and it also 

4. Be Visual

Now you've got 

You may have written a great appeal or, but will only go so far if it is faceless and . a stronger human and emotional connection, . right down to 

It ha been shown that fundraisers with their picture in their profile raise more money than those without it. This applies broadly to your fundraising efforts. For example, if you're holding an event , be sure to snap some photos. This not only helps , and it also makes it easier for others to share your cause


, some families have  is to create a photobook of their time at camp, showing just how much attending means to them. This , and it does a great job of connecting donors to and showing them just how their contributions make a difference to a child.

5. Don't be afraid to ask

Friends, family, acquaintances, local businesses, or . You'll be surprised at the number of people who want to help, whether through or just by lending a couple of items to an event you've got planned.

Let them tell you how they feel/Ask for their input (good way to make them feel involved/vested)

6. If in doubt, try it out. 

Maybe you've tried your first 

This is a big one. So many opportunities are lost not due to, but simply because people did not pursue them! The biggest divider between the __ and the ___ is the __ to work hard in . If you are unsure of whether , go for it! worst that can happen is that . Even if the response you get is a 'sorry', you may still build connections and be directed towards people who can 

5. Connect

Think of the ways you communicate with people. You may talk on the phone, trade emails, connect with others on blogs, post on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or 

Take advantage of these platforms and . If you , sign up! Doing so is quick and opens you to a new world of new . Try to stay aware of 

6. Do something different

First let me say that doing something is better than doing nothing, but doing can help your stand out and  

This can even just be a slight twist on the classics; a 

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